1. STUDENT PLACEMENT: Based upon age and experience and determined by the Director.
  2. LATENESS: Every student is expected to arrive 5 minutes before class begins and remain until the very end. Students who arrive after the class has begun may not be permitted to take class. Students should be picked up immediately following class.
  3. PARENTS: May observe class on various designated visiting days only. To be announced.
  4. PARKING: Please do not park or stop in front of anyone’s driveway or beyond the Stop Sign.
  5. ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is essential for your progress in dancing. A portion of each class is devoted to reviewing any new work from the past week’s lesson. It takes twice as much time to teach a child who is repeatedly absent, compared with a child who attends class regularly. Please notify the studio by telephone when a student will not be attending class or desires to discontinue lessons.
  6. INCLEMENT WEATHER OR VACTIONS: If a class is canceled due to inclement weather or vacation, students are responsible to make up the class another time. Please call before coming to the studio in bad weather or to determine an appropriate class for make-up.
  7. ALL STUDENTS are welcome, but not required to participate in the annual recital.
  8. Please call if you are unsure about your child’s class placement.
  9. NO NEW STUDENTS will be permitted in class without prior registration and payment to Linda Radomile.
  10. Students MAY NOT WAIT OUTSIDE for their parents to pick them up after class. For their own safety, children may not walk home without written permission from their parents.



Parents may observe on designated days. A notice will be given. Recital participation is optional. Please consider the following before you bring your child to class each week:

  1. Please be certain your child uses the bathroom before they enter the dance room.
  2. Please remove all small objects (i.e. - jewelry, hairpins, small toys, money) from your child before class. Please tie, cut, or tack all ribbons on shoes as well.
  3. Please try to be prompt in bringing and picking up your child for class. If you are delayed, please call as a courtesy.
  4. Please know that some days children just "don't feel like it". If your child is upset it does affect all other members of the class. You are welcome to make up in any one of the other pre-school classes.
  5. Please refrain from bringing children who are ill to class. Again you can make up in another class.
  6. All elastic at the top of each child's shoe should be knotted, cut at an appropriate length and tucked in. Please ask your teacher for instructions.
  7. In adherence to the Fire code and for the safety of your child and all other children - the narrow hallway must be kept clear at all times. School bags, dance bags, etc. should be kept in the dressing room. Kindly leave baby strollers outside of the studio.

2018-2019 Upcoming Dates

AUG 28
Registration 5-7:30PM
Registration 5-7:30PM
First Day of Class
NOV 21-24
Thanksgiving Vacation
Nutcracker Ballet
DEC 20-JAN 2
Winter Vacation
APR 15-APR 20
Spring Vacation
Company Spring Performance
MAY 25-27
Memorial Break
JUNE 7-9
Targeted Recital Dates

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